Gas hydrates

future energy resource

Gas hydrates are one of the most extraordinary substances on the Earth. They have been studied for over 200 years, more than 9000 articles are focused on them, they are investigated from Korea and Japan, via South Africa and Europe, to Canada and USA. Physicists, chemists, geologists, biologists, engineers and economists concentrate their attention on hydrates. Unfortunately there is lack of information in Polish scientific papers about that crystalline substance. It is quite curious situation, whereas gas hydrates are taken into account as the main future energy resource of the mankind. All aforementioned facts incited me to write in 2010 Master thesis widely describing gas hydrates.

Why did scientists and industrialists orginally treat gas hydrates as a burdensome problem? What makes that mixture of water and gases creates flammable ice? Why "gas hydrates" are plural? What is the relation between gas hydrates and mud volcanoes? How did gas hydrates contribute to mass extinction 250 mln years ago? Why does scientists want to build baloons on the ocean floor? Will hydrates protect us from a prospective resources war? Or maybe they will be the cause of destruction of our civilisation? You can find all answers for these and other questions in the chapters of my thesis.

Enjoy reading (unfortunately only in Polish),
Krzysztof DÍbniak

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